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Tim Burns
United States
My name is Tim Burns and I am the owner of MinnesotaWorkwear. We have been using Core Commerce for about 2 years. We have been selling work wear for over 13 years and had a website for most of that time. It wasn't until the past few years when we decided to get serious about selling online. We went thru a few different ecommerce companies before getting referred to Core Commerce. Our experience with CC has been positive.
There were no set up fees to get started. With the many different levels of entry, you are able to test the waters with no risk. A sort of 'try before you buy' theory. I always like these because it is transparent and it shows a company is proud of what they have to offer.

In the beginning while setting up our store with CC, we had a lot of questions. We were very surprised when we called in. We got thru quickly, had an English speaking representative that was courteous, friendly and actually eager to help. I thought ok....must be just during the trial period then the help goes away or you get charged for it like so many other software companies. Not the case with CC.

Getting our product entered and ready to go was easy. We were selling online very quickly.
BigCommerce Administrator Screen
CoreCommerce Setup Screen
CC gives me the control. That is a major factor for us. We have been with carts that are complicated and require tech geeks to do your edits and changes. We wanted to be able to make changes to our site on our own without have to get a degree in web design. CC allows us to do that.

There are lots of templates you can choose from or manipulate to make your own.

The worst thing I ever heard from an ecommerce cart was...."I think it is pretty much finished. We have it the way we want. No more new changes." We left shortly after hearing that. Are you kidding? This is the web. Things change faster than the weather. Keep up, innovate or you will be left behind.

CC is a young, aggressive company. They seem to always be looking for new innovative changes. They are often the first to come up with features. Mobile ready carts, logging in using Facebook are just a few. We often see new features a couple times a month. When new features are released, a YouTube video is provided to show you how to easily implement the new feature. A very useful method of instruction.

I like that fact that CC was easy enough for us to get started quickly but still had enough features and power to keep us going as we became an advanced user.

BigCommerce Administrator Screen
CoreCommerce Design options
The price is reasonable with CC. If you compare the going rates for other carts in relation to the features and service you get...I find the value is well worth it.

Customer Support:
We have received prompt, courteous and knowledgeable customer service from CC. In my opinion, it is a large part of their success. CC also has a online forum. This shows the good and the bad. Again, a company that has integrity like this is not afraid to show you who it is. The forum is also a place where CC customers can learn new tricks, share ideas and vote on new features we'd like to see. CC reads these and often implements the most requested ideas into future releases. A company that listens to you and reacts to its customers.
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CereCommerce Reports
The linking of QuickBooks and many ecommerce sites seems to be a challenging one. I believe this may be in large part in having to deal with Intuit who is not customer service friendly in the least.

With the growing popularity of Google/Bing, I believe many ecommerce companies will find there next niche is in making sites more and more search engine friendly.
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Minnesota Workwear, LLC
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Pros & Cons
Menus are clean and very well organized.
No transaction Fees
Easy to manage Inventory System
Design Mode - Drag and Drop
Lack of Blog feature
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