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Three years ago I had to make an important decision with which E-commerce solution I was going to use to host 1,000 gourmet food products on SnazzyGourmet.com. Having another store hosted by another provider I decided to find out what all the rave reviews were about with Volusion.
Why Volusion
Three years and 1,000s of orders later I can now write my own review of this great service. Volusion just gets it! The feature set for the price is impossible to beat. The service provider’s ability to quickly integrate new features to follow the latest trends is impressive. An example would be the new Social Features that quickly lists products on Facebook and Twitter. The latest being the “Deal of the Day” which creates a Groupon like scenario for a product. The entire system itself helps a store owner manage everything from inventory, newsletters, CRM, SEO, coupons, shipping, design and more. My site even looks great on mobile devices without any extra work! The Volusion software package is feature rich so I would advise spending time using their Knowledge base of videos and tips to learn how to get the most out of the best E-commerce platform!
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Pros & Cons
Menus are clean and very well organized.
Customer Reviews
Easy to manage Inventory System
Blog page needs upgrades
Image Zoom causes sort of crashing
Ask the Editor
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