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Jamie Beuthin
Vancouver, CA
My name is Jamie Beuthin and I am the co-founder of shopmasc.com We started up with 3dCart at the end of 2010. Our goal was to create a visually appealing, user-friendly, and feature-rich ecommerce website that would put us amongst the best of the webstores in our industry. Looking back on our previous webstore, there's no denying that the difference is like night and day; there is so much more we can do with 3dCart. Technically and visually, the facelift 3dCart has given our site is amazing due to its abundance of features, and the first class layout and design. We are already seeing competitors that are imitating our design.
Why 3dCart
We decided to use 3dCart's custom design services, and the experience was great; the results speak for themselves. The designers took our brand image and our vision of what wanted our site to look like and surpassed our expectations.
3DCart Design Screen
3dCart Design Screen
Our designer and project manager were as committed as we were to making the webstore a successful project. The process of design, review and approval of each part of the store took a little longer than we expected but the end result was definitely worth it. It also gave us time to input all the content for our site so that when the design was complete we were able to take out new site live within a matter of days. We can provide much more information to our customers for every one of our products with tabs for information, videos, and pictures. You can also customize related products to upsell to the customer.
3DCart Administrator Screen
3dCart Administrator Screen
When we were considering which shopping cart software to go with, we had a wishlist of features that we wanted, and 3dCart was the one that had the most:

Single Page Checkout/Integrated Payment Processing:
Our previous checkout process was very convoluted. We wanted one page where the customer entered all their information, including payment information.
PCI certification:
We wanted a specific payment processor that we had an existing relationship with and could offer us extremely competitive rates, but PCI certification was a requirement if we wanted a payment page integrated with our site.

Gift Certificates:
You can set up gift certificates for any amount that can be purchased on the store and emailed to the recipient.

Customer Reviews:
Customers are able to rate and write reviews for each product.

YouTube integration:
We wanted our videos to appear on our product pages, and with 3dCart this is extremely easy. Just enter the YouTube link in the video URL field, and you're done.

3dCart allows you to create and customize discounts and coupons at a very detailed level.

Loyalty Program:
3dCart offers rewards points; customers can accumulate points for every dollar they spend which can be redeemed towards future purchases.

We can create and send newsletters from within the 3dcart which has been great. We can send out newsletters to specific customer groups (based on product purchased, location etc).

There is so much opportunity for SEO in the site, and 3dcart offers this as a service, or you can do it yourself. You can add meta tags and keywords on every level from category pages, to brand pages, and on individual product pages. Our search engine ranking has drastically improved since moving to 3dCart.

Social Media:
Social Commerce is a huge aspect in our marketing and 3dCart's features worked well with that. All of your products and pages can be easily integrated into social media applications, and you can have a Facebook store to sell your products on.
The admin panel is very intuitive and doesn't require special skills or an understanding of programming. The information is well organized, and you can favourite those areas of the admin panel that you use the most. Setting up taxes and shipping methods, creating news products, and building the menus and submenus for the webstore navigation is very easy. Transferring existing products over to 3dcart was a relatively easy process too. There is lots of support material available on the 3dCart website, as well as 24/7 online and phone support. The 24/7 support was a primary factor when we were considering our options. If you have a problem that is affecting a customer's ability to purchase and can't fix it because you can't access technical support - that means you're losing money.

Maintaing the store is a breeze. The features most used on a daily basis are the inventory management and the order processing. Both are intuitive and have streamlined our order fulfillment. We get orders shipped faster. The reporting features are strong too. There are a variety of different reports to choose from, including customer reports, inventory, marketing, payment and shipping, products and sales.

There continue to be updates to improve existing features and add new ones - in fact, there is a new update rolling out in July that we are looking forward to.
As with any shopping cart software, not everything is perfect:

Loyalty Program: There are some problems with the loyalty points feature (you can't modify the amount of points earned on a product with multiple size options that have different price points - it defaults to the primary option.

Image Zoom Feature: If you click a product image is stilling loading it causes some sort of page crash and you need to refresh your browser to make the page functional again.

Blog: The blog need a bit of tweaking too. Blog posts don't expand by default when you are on the blog page (you have to click on the blog post title to read it). Also, in the backend they are ordered from oldest to newest, which is a bit counterintuitive; newest should be first.

Overall, our 3dCart experience has been and continues to be a positive one and we consider it be the best shopping cart available. Our sales have increased significantly since switching to 3dcart and we continue to see monthly increases as we more fully take advantage of all the features that 3dCart has to offer. I have no hesitation recommending 3dCart and fully intend to use them for future eCommerce sites we launch.
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Pros & Cons
Menus are clean and very well organized.
Customer Reviews
Easy to manage Inventory System
Blog page needs upgrades
Image Zoom causes sort of crashing
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